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Bearded Axe
  • Bearded Axe

    SKU: BALS330

    Hand forged laminated Bearded Axe. Scandinavian inspired, this axe has been forged using traditional methods where a piece of edge steel is fire welded into a mild steel body. It is a compact axe designed for use in a variety of situations around the home, out in the bush or in a craft circle.

    Handle crafted from Australian Spotted Gum, sheath hand-stitched from English Bridle Butt leather.




    - Overall Length 330mm

    - Cutting Edge 85mm

    - Weight 712g

    • Care Instructions

      • Respect your axe – it will excel at all your bush, home, camping and craft exploits, providing a lifetime of service. Use your axe for its intended purpose.
      • Keeping the edge - the axes I craft have the edges ground with Australian Hardwoods in mind - a convex grind. A quality ceramic grinding stone and correct technique are best or a professional sharpening service.
      • Storage – after use and before storage, wipe your axe down with and dry thoroughly. It is best to give your axe a light oil. Avoid storing your axe in its sheath when damp or for prolonged periods.
      • Patina – as your axe encounters different elements it will begin to naturally oxidize and form its own grey/blue patina. Over time this will form a protective layer which helps protect against rust. Enjoy this process, it’s the story every experience your axe has undertaken.
    • Shipping

      All items are shipped via Australia Post and domestic shipping is included within the cost of the item unless otherwise specified.

      Knives are shipped in a die-cut gift box, packed with wood shavings and a care instruction card.

      Please contact me regarding international shipping.



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