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  • How can I purchase one of your pieces?
    You can purchase in person or online. For online purchases, feel free to have a browse in my webshop. To purchase in person, I am available at the Canberra Handmade Market held in Exhibition Park in Canberra. This is a quarterly market run each year, featuring a vast array of artisan items and a great opportunity to "meet the maker". I also attend a number of Australian Knife shows, the dates of which I keep updated on my Instagram.
  • Does my knife come with a box or sheath?
    Yes! All knives are shipped in a die-cut card box packed with wood shavings and featuring my touchmark. A care insturction card is also included. If you have ordered a utility or hunting knife it will often include its own wet formed sheath. This will be pictured with the knife. Kitchen knives do not come with sheaths, as they are much happier sitting on your chopping board or on a knife rack on the wall enjoying the open air, reasy for use!
  • How do I care for my carbon steel knife?
    Easy! Your knife comes with a care instruction insert inside the box. Some points include: Respect your knife – it will excel at all of its intended purposes and will be a pleasure to use, providing a lifetime of service. If you have purchased a kitchen knife, it is best left to tasks in the kitchen. Keeping the edge - generally, high carbon blades hold their edge longer and are easier to sharpen than stainless – the ideal cutting surface is a timber board. Avoid plastic, steel, granite etc. Sharpening on the back door step is a no-no. Quality water stones and correct technique are best or a professional sharpening service. Washing and storing – after use, wipe your blade down and dry thoroughly. It is best to store your knife in the open air or on a wall rack. If your knife includes a leather sheath, avoid storing when damp or for prolonged periods. Patina – as your knife encounters different elements it will begin to naturally oxidize and form its own grey/blue patina. Over time this will form a protective layer which helps protect against rust. Enjoy this process, it’s the story of every meal you ever prepared and experience your blade has undertaken.
  • Do you "make to order" or do "custom" pieces?"
    Yes and No. As a one man band, I don't do production runs. I am exteremely passionate about this craft and love making what I make. As such, all pieces listed for sale have been forged and crafted solely by me, including the leather work. I also enjoy having this responsibilty. Between knives, axes and traditional blacksmithing I have found happiness as a craftsman making the things that I enjoy making. Of course feel free to get in touch to have a chat about something you have in mind, however generally everything I have available will be listed in the webshop or with me at the market.
  • What materials do you use and where are they sourced?
    All of my materials are sourced from within Australia where ever possible and I take great pride in offering pieces derived from the materials of this landscape. Sourcing high grade materials is part of what allows me to offer heirloom quality pieces, to be used for generations. Specifically all of my timbers come from Tasmania (my point of origin) and feature heavily in my work. These timbers have been stabilised to facilitate a long lifespan and finish. Most of my tool handles are crafted from spotted gum, its interlocked grain structure stand amongst the best. For leather I use hand finished English Bridle Butt. This is a veg tanned saddlery grade leather.
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